Watering That New Lawn

After your lawn has been seeded, it is your job to begin watering. This is a crucial step. Watering can make the difference between a wonderful lawn or failure. Setbacks in your lawn will require more watering and delay of beautiful grass. Your goal should be to do it right the first time. Grass seed must be close to the surface of the soil to germinate and sprout properly. Success depends on the right amount of water at the soil surface. You need to water often for at least the first three weeks. Apply often, light watering, especially when days are windy or hot/sunny. The next few weeks, water deeply and 2-3 times a week. Recommended sprinkler settings for a newly seeded lawn are ten minutes per zone, three times per day. Example: 6:00 AM, Noon, 5:00 PM. If you have chosen to have us apply straw this will greatly help keep moisture on the surface, therefore germination will be greatly improved. Leave the straw on the lawn surface, it will decompose. You can expect to begin seeing grass in approximately one week after watering. Perennial rye grass takes approximately seven days to germinate. Kentucky blue grass takes approximately 21 days to germinate.

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